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alt text Tony Paniagua hosts the Monday-Thursday Arizona Illustrated. He joined Arizona Public Media in 2005, returning to Tucson after having worked here previously in commercial television. He has won several awards for his work and traveled to Nicaragua, Mexico and Kazakhstan for coverage. He’s a fan of different cultures, foods and languages. He speaks Spanish fluently. Tony graduated from the University of Florida and has worked in television in Miami, Houston and Phoenix.

alt text Jim Nintzel hosts the Friday Political Roundtable. He has covered politics in Southern Arizona for two decades at the Tucson Weekly. He has won more than 30 state and national journalism awards for reporting, commentary and feature writing, including a journalist of the year by the Arizona Newspapers Association in 2010. He has been a contributor to Arizona Public Media for more than 15 years. He has taught government reporting at the University of Arizona School of Journalism since 2001.

Latest Episode

AZ Illustrated Metro Episode, March 11, 2013
Technology along border, PCC immigrant tuition, legislative harmony

Recent Stories

Davis-Monthan Opens Gates for Special Air Show
This weekend, the gates at Davis-Monthan Air Force base were opened to the public.q c (0) Apr 16, 2014

Make a Wish families, wounded warriors and World War II veterans were given a sneak peak of the show, presented by the Air Force's Thunderbirds.

UA President Says Tuition Stabilization Helps Students Plan
Maria Parham interviews University of Arizona President Ann Weaver Hart. c (0) Apr 16, 2014

Tuition is part of budget picture, but state funding for UA still lags, Hart says; tuition will freeze for 4 years for incoming freshmen.

New Wastewater Treatment Facilities Cut Down Odor
Andrea Kelly interviews Jackson Jenkins, director of the Pima County Wastewater Reclamation Department about the massive project to upgrade the sewer system. c (0) Apr 16, 2014

Project to rebuild Roger Road sewage treatment plant, and other wastewater system improvement done ahead of schedule, under budget.

New Radio System Connects First Responders in Large Emergency
A new emergency communication network in Pima County is intended to help connect emergency responders who work in disparate public safety agencies. c (0) Apr 16, 2014

Public safety radio system allows police, medical and fire departments to talk to each other; solves past communication issue.

New Cockroach Species Found in SW
Heidi Hopkins, Ph.D., University of New Mexico Museum of Southwestern Biology, discusses her recent discovery of 39 new species of cockroach that live in the southwest U.S. and Mexico. c (0) Apr 15, 2014

Several years ago Heidi Hopkins began studying taxonomy of roach family known as Corydiidae.

Biosphere 2 Plans to Build Small Replica of Gulf of California
Rafe Sagarin Ph.D., program manager for Oceans at Biosphere 2, discusses some of the science behind converting their 676-thousand gallon tank into a mini Sea of Cortez. c (0) Apr 15, 2014

The Biosphere already has an ocean enclosed in a 700,000-gallon tank, but it eventually will become the home of the miniature Sea of Cortez.

Diving Under Glass: Adventure .001 Leagues Under Sea
Christopher Conover, a corespondent for Arizona Public Media and a scientist from Biosphere 2 dive in the facilities fully replicated ocean. c (0) Apr 14, 2014

AZPM's Christopher Conover dives into the glass enclosed ocean at Biosphere 2; 'From time to time, my job lets me go and do things on my bucket list,' he says.