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getting by

About the Series

Arizona Public Media examines the impact of poverty in Southern Arizona: the challenges for people on the brink or not getting by; the effects on children's long-term health; opportunities and resources to help people avoid or get out of poverty.

Watch and listen to the series July 15-19 on AZ Illustrated and Arizona Week, both on PBS 6, and on Arizona Spotlight, on NPR 89.1.


Veterans Make Up 16% of Homeless Adults, US officials say

Tucson nonprofit focuses on helping, hoping to decrease that number; Gus Hasdorff's story.

Sam Sumner, director of the Community Action program at the Tempe Community Action Agency.

AZ Week: Poverty Comes to Suburbs

New face of hardship emerges among middle class on edges of Phoenix, Tucson metro areas.


AZ Week: Poverty Comes to Suburbs

Jul 19, 2013

New face of hardship emerges among middle class on edges of Phoenix, Tucson metro areas.

Tucson Goal: House Hundreds of Homeless Vets in 2.5 Years

Jul 19, 2013

Mayor Rothschild, city stepping up to national challenge, hopes to lead example for other communities.

AZ Illustrated Arts: Thursday, July 18, 2013

Jul 18, 2013

Meet a street musician; new film course inspires Native American youth; art nonprofit works in marginalized areas; author shares her breast cancer survival story.

Traveling Busker Offers Music, Relies on Generosity

Mikee Pruitt busks in the streets of Tucson. Jul 18, 2013

Mikee Pruit travels across the country making music, and a living

Tucson Arts Brigade Seeks to Engage Communities Through Art

Arts Brigade mural projects are designed to mitigate blight such as graffiti and gang activity in communities. Jul 18, 2013

Murals tell history of neighborhood, provide catalyst for overcoming difficulties.

Local Groups Bring Underprivileged Kids Outdoors

A student from the Ironwood Tree Experience gazes out at the Las Cienegas National Conservation Area. Jul 17, 2013

Organizations take them on trips they wouldn't be able to afford otherwise.

AZ Illustrated Science: Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Jul 16, 2013

Special report features an outpatient treatment center, mental health care via satellite, mobile dental and clinic programs.

Rural Mental Health Care Via New Technology

Lynda Bergsma, Ph.D., director of the Arizona State Office of Rural Health Program, speaks about how new technology may help bridge the gap of mental healthcare. Jul 16, 2013

Through satellites, people could access psychiatrists, psychologists whose offices are miles away.

UA's Mobile Clinic Delivers Medical Care to Needy

Martha Ortiz, is co-founder of Mobile Health Program which is designed to help underserved areas get access to both health care and training. Jul 16, 2013

Fully equipped, reaching out to people who can't afford or don't have access to health facilities.

Rural Dental Program Serves Low-Income Areas

A mobile dental RV is working to put dentistry in reach of school children in rural areas. Jul 16, 2013

Complete office in RV plies highways, byways of Pima, Santa Cruz counties, meeting rural needs.