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Metro Week

Metro Week is a regionally focused, news and public affairs program produced and hosted by AZPM’s Andrea Kelly. Every Friday evening we’ll delve deep into a key story of the week, in the field and through newsmaker interviews, and then discuss that and other top stories of the week with our journalists’ roundtable.

About the Host

Andrea Kelly

Andrea Kelly's 10 years of journalistic work at newspapers, on radio and television and in new media give her the knowledge and experience needed to help make Metro Week's audience members informed participants in our democracy. Andrea covered government and transportation at the Arizona Daily Star, and with Arizona Public Media, she has focused on local government and politics. As producer and host of Metro Week, she keeps her audience current on local government, sheds light on how and why elected officials make decisions, and gives voters what they need to make informed decisions, even when it's not election season.

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Latest Episode

Episode 69: Region's Success Will Depend On Business Relationship With Mexico

Focus should be on working together, Latin America trade expert says

Recent Articles

METRO WEEK: Working with Mexico for Business Success
Nov 20, 2015

Focus should be on working together, Latin America trade expert says

METRO WEEK: Federal Spending Built Much of Tucson
Nov 13, 2015

Economists say Tucson depends on federal dollars– here’s a look at how much.

METRO WEEK: Analyzing Election Results May Take Time
Nov 6, 2015

Awaiting final election results, future of bond project

METRO WEEK: Keeping Tucson's Landfill from Filling Up
Oct 30, 2015

Moving the weigh scales and admin offices will allow landfill expansion.

METRO WEEK: Independent Spending in Tucson Campaign
Oct 23, 2015

Effect of Supreme Court ruling trickles down to City Council races.

METRO WEEK: Economic Recovery Slow in Tucson
Oct 16, 2015

Reasons, ramifications and resolutions from Tucson and Phoenix economists.

METRO WEEK: Pro/Con Debate on Pima County Bond Election
Oct 9, 2015

$816 million borrowing proposal would require higher property taxes.