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Metro Week

Metro Week is a regionally focused, news and public affairs program produced and hosted by AZPM’s Andrea Kelly. Every Friday evening we’ll delve deep into a key story of the week, in the field and through newsmaker interviews, and then discuss that and other top stories of the week with our journalists’ roundtable.

About the Host

Andrea Kelly

Andrea Kelly has more than a decade of journalistic work at newspapers, on radio and television and in new media, giving her the knowledge and experience needed to make Metro Week's audience members informed participants in our democracy. Andrea covered government and transportation at the Arizona Daily Star, and with Arizona Public Media, she has focused on local government and politics. As producer and host of Metro Week, she keeps her audience current on local government, sheds light on how and why elected officials make decisions, and gives voters what they need to make informed decisions, even when it's not election season.

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Latest Episode

Episode 120: Monsanto Seeks Tax Break Amid Opposition in Pima County

Plus, how the governor's priorities align with technical education needs; checking in with Oro Valley.

Recent Articles

Monsanto Seeks Tax Break Amid Vocal Opposition in Pima County
Jan 13, 2017

Plus, how the governor's priorities align with technical education needs; checking in with Oro Valley.

Tucson Church Shelters Central American Asylum Seekers
Jan 6, 2017

Plus, Tucson works with businesses; what local governments want from state lawmakers.

Homeless Work Program Begins Small; Hope for Growth
Dec 16, 2016

Plus: VA official in Tucson; new jaguar caught on camera; celebrating Lalo's music.

Tucsonans Seek Civility After Contentious Election Season
Dec 9, 2016

Plus, minimum wage effects, firefighting overseas, Tucson economic outlook.

Border Concerns Extend Beyond Southern Arizona
Dec 2, 2016

Plus, the state of mental health in our jails and a proposal to increase the city sales tax.

Incivility After Elections; Ray Carroll On Years as Supervisor
Nov 18, 2016

Plus, USS Arizona memorial exhibits and events.

Election Analysis: 'McSally ... just about perfect candidate'
Nov 11, 2016

What will governance look like now that Southern Arizona's races are decided?