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Original Productions

Arizona Illustrated
Arizona Illustrated Arizona Illustrated continues its legacy of engaging southern Arizona's viewers with thought-provoking, diverse stories that reflect our community. Through stunning photography and powerful storytelling, meet the people that make Arizona unique and vibrant. This is Arizona Illustrated.
Arizona Week
Arizona Week Each Friday, Arizona Week explores in-depth the top statewide news stories, through interviews with newsmakers, public policy experts, analysts and real people. Produced and hosted by Lorraine Rivera, the weekly public affairs program focuses on the topics of greatest importance to Arizonans. Its mission is to bring perspective, depth and understanding of the issues to our audience.
Metro Week
Metro Week Metro Week is a new regionally focused, news and public affairs program produced and hosted by AZPM’s Andrea Kelly. Every Friday evening we’ll delve deep into the key story of the week, in the field and through newsmaker interviews, then discuss that and other top stories of the week with our journalists’ roundtable.
Stories from the Border
Stories from the Border A live, interactive event featuring a panel of respected and accomplished journalists from Mexico and the U.S. Presented by Arizona Public Media and the Community Foundation for Southern Arizona.
OSIRIS-REx: Countdown to Launch
OSIRIS-REx: Countdown to Launch OSIRIS-REx: Countdown to Launch is an in- depth look at the science and scientists behind OSIRIS-REx, the University of Arizona based mission to send a spacecraft to an asteroid, collect a sample, then return that sample to earth.
Passing On
Passing On Deceased. Departed. Passed On. No matter how you say it, it happens to all of us. Death is as much a part of human existence as is life, yet it remains a mysterious, often taboo subject. Passing On is an original documentary comprised of compelling, sensitive, and personal stories that frankly discuss the topics of death, dying, and end-of-life planning.
Arizona Science
Arizona Science AZPM's podcast and radio show exploring the latest scientific research and technological innovations taking place in Southern Arizona and at the University of Arizona. Catch Arizona Science each Friday during Science Friday on NPR 89.1.
Arizona Spotlight
Arizona Spotlight From state and local news to in-depth interviews with artists, authors, and people behind the headlines, Arizona Spotlight keeps you informed on what's happening in our community.
Hollywood at Home
Hollywood at Home Each Saturday night, join us for a Hollywood blockbuster, aired without interruption. The films are also presented with historical context, trivia, and a Hollywood-insider's perspective from our host, Victoria Lucas. Lucas is a film producer and screenwriting consultant, who comes from a family of actors, producers, writers, and directors.
Dímelo: Stories of the Southwest
Dímelo: Stories of the Southwest Dímelo: Stories of the Southwest is a storytelling project exploring identity, community and the cultural geography of Tucson. Producer Sophia Paliza-Carre asks you to dímelo or "tell me," about your experiences living in Tucson and then puts your story at the center of local reporting.
Michelle's Story
Michelle’s Story The life of Michelle Kirlew, an active and vibrant mom, was turned upside down by pancreatic cancer. What followed was a whirlwind of tests, treatments, surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. This emotional and physical rollercoaster usually happens out of sight and out of mind, behind closed curtains. Michelle and her family want to change this.
Moving Students Foward
Moving Students Forward Moving Students Forward: A Community Interactive on Education is a 90-minute live and live-streamed program on how we can have a collective impact on education that leads to meaningful systems change.
UA+ UA+ connects you with the University of Arizona campus and community. Our video hub delivers the people, research, facilities and innovations of the UA to you.
Raptors! Kings of the Sky
Raptors! Kings of the Sky Birds of prey have long captured our imaginations. In the new AZPM documentary, Raptors! Kings of the Sky, we document the increasing intersection of humans and these spectacular creatures in the wild, in the city, and in science.
Secrets of the Divine
Secrets of the Divine Equal parts historical art, mystery and scientific exploration, Secrets of the Divine: The Altarpiece of Ciudad Rodrigo delves into the exhibition "Fernando Gallego & His Workshop: The Altarpiece from Ciudad Rodrigo." The altarpiece, or retablo, is considered by scholars to be some of the most beautiful and iconographical ambitious paintings of the 15th century.
Level One Trauma
Level One Trauma Level One Trauma is a revealing, personal, and gripping look behind the scenes at the University of Arizona Medical Center’s Level One Trauma Center. This documentary takes the audience inside a trauma unit as first responders, doctors, nurses and other specialists struggle to save lives on a daily basis.
Seeking Water From the Sun
Seeking Water from the Sun The AZPM original documentary Seeking Water From the Sun ventures into university laboratories and across the Navajo reservation to explore a way of life that revolves around water—and its scarcity.
Arizona Connection
Arizona Connection Stay connected with the University of Arizona as Arizona Connection brings the University to you. Weekly lectures, forums, conferences and panel discussions tackle an array of topics including science, education, health and politics to keep you current on scientific discoveries and issues of importance to daily life.
Arizona's Dust Bowl
Arizona’s Dust Bowl: Lessons Lost The Arizona Public Media original documentary Arizona’s Dust Bowl: Lessons Lost, explores the effects of the 1930’s Dust Bowl, not only on Arizona’s economy, but also the area’s demographics and culture.
Together We Heal
Together We Heal AZPM Presents Together We Heal, an Emmy-winning and thought-provoking program focusing on emotional healing, both individual and community-wide, over the year following the Giffords shooting.
Barrios and Barriers
Barrios & Barriers Barrios & Barriers: The Tucson Civil Rights Era is a collection of personal experiences and triumphs about Tucson’s Civil Rights struggle during the mid-twentieth century. The half-hour documentary tells stories of discrimination, segregation, racism, and in the end… of victories, drawn from the personal lives of some Tucson residents.
Unforgettable: The Korean War
Unforgettable: The Korean War Take a journey with some Korean war veterans as they talk about their memories of the war and of the home front in the late 1940s and early 1950s as young men from all over the country were being shipped off to defend South Korea against the advancing Red Army.
The Desert Speaks
The Desert Speaks Host David Yetman takes viewers on unforgettable, bold explorations of desert landscapes with The Desert Speaks. Through intriguing storytelling and stunning photography, viewers find out about the people (past and present), plants, animals and archaeology of arid regions throughout the New World.
Phoenix Mars Mission
Phoenix Mars Mission This original documentary follows the historic mission led by UA’s Peter Smith. The Phoenix Mars Mission blasted off to the Red Planet in August 2007, and AZPM chronicled its meticulous preparation through blastoff in Phoenix Mars: Onto the Ice and Phoenix Mars Mission: Ashes to Ice. The programs follow the spacecraft’s journey, risky landing and UA-led scientific research on Mars.
The Dry Run
The Dry Run On January 1st, 1915, Arizona became the 13th state to go dry--and met with some unintended consequences. Watch the AZPM mini-documentary, The Dry Run: Prohibition in Arizona, to learn more.