The election left a trail of strong words, strong opinions and many protests throughout the country, but it didn't do much to get people talking to each other.

A Green Valley resident teaches classes on civil discourse, which are more discussion sessions than formal classes, and he says he hopes that kind of effort can spread.

Drop in on one of Paul McCreary's classes on this episode of Metro Week.

Also in this episode:

  • Paul McCreary explains the theory of his civil discourse classes, and the outcomes he's witnessed.

  • Pima County Supervisor Ray Carroll has been in office for 20 years, and his time will come to an end Jan. 3, when his successor is sworn in. Carroll decided not to seek another term in office, and reflects on his service.

  • The bombing at Pearl Harbor took the biggest toll on the USS Arizona ship. The University of Arizona is home to the ship's bell, and other items from the ship's entire time in operation. A special exhibit is open through Dec. 23 to honor those who worked on it, and those who died in the bombing. Plus, the University of Arizona's athletics department designed special uniforms and held events to honor the 75th anniversary of the bombing. Senior Associate Athletics Director James Francis explains.