Questions remain in Arizona about what a Trump administration will mean for immigration, trade with Mexico and the fate of students known as "Dreamers,” or those with a temporary reprieve from deportation under President Obama.

The ties between the U.S. and Mexico run far beyond the border region, though, and those same concerns are shared by state officials all over the country. This week, lieutenant governors from across the U.S. were in Southern Arizona. Half of them had never been to the border. Meet some of them as they tour Nogales, on this episode of Metro Week.

Also in this episode:

A conversation with Tucson Mayor Jonathan Rothschild about his efforts to build the business ties between Tucson and cities across Sonora, Mexico.

The Pima County Jail is the largest mental health provider in the county. A recent event in Tucson has put mental health and the jail system front and center. Arizona Public Media’s Gisela Telis was there and talks about the issue.

The City Council is considering a proposal to raise the city's sales tax from 2 percent to 2.5 percent. City Manager Michael Ortega discusses how the money would be used.