Right alongside our triple-digit summer temperatures, the monsoon officially arrived on June 15th. The date marks the time when Southern Arizonans can start looking to the skies for signs of rain.

A new art exhibition at Raices Taller 222 Gallery and Workshop seeks to capture the sense of anticipation associated with the onset of the monsoon.

John Salgado, director and co-founder of Raices Taller, says Lluvia de Vida/Rain of Life is a way to celebrate the restorative nature of a desert storm.

“This oppressive heat sets in and every day is an anticipation for relief,” said Salgado.

“All the work on display is water related. It’s about the meaning of rain. What it does (and means) to (we) individuals.

Lluvia de Vida/Rain of Life continues through July 13th at Raices Taller 222 Gallery and Workshop, 218 E. 6th Street.