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HYPERBARIC OXYGEN THERAPY: The NFL and the military are exploring the therapeutic benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy for traumatic brain injury. HBOT is approved and covered by insurance for some uses, yet it has a wide variety of off-label uses. We explore the benefits, politics, and controversy of HBOT.

LIFE WITH TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURY: Each year over 48,000 patients are treated for traumatic brain injury in Arizona emergency departments. Those who've suffered from these may experience sleep problems, low energy, memory loss, anxiety or depression. A look at Marc Nielsen, who experienced a brain injury in 2008 after falling down a flight of stairs in a subway in Boston.

INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE: Coming up on it’s 20-year anniversary, the Tucson-based Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine leads the nation when it comes to studying integrative medicine. Integrative medicine, a synthesis of the best conventional and alternative medical practices, examines patients holistically. Today, the center is thriving and has the largest training program in the world.

INTEGRATIVE PSYCHIATRY: Integrative psychiatrists combine conventional therapies with complementary and alternative medicine to provide holistic mental health care. Throughout the years, it has gained more mainstream support. Since 2004, the American Psychiatric Association has included a caucus on integrative medicine to further medical and public understanding of integrative psychiatry, and its membership is growing.

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