Affecting mostly women, lupus is a disease that attacks the immune system, making it harder for the affected to fight off infections and some cancers.

The Walk the Loop for Lupus Walkathon, tpo raise money for research and a cure, will be Saturday at Reid Park. Registration begins at 8 a.m.

The Lupus Foundation of Southern Arizona and other local organizations are hosting the walkathon.

"The partnership with Lupus Foundation of Southern Arizona is really wonderful," says Miranda Adelman, a physician with the Arizona Arthritis Center. "They do provide some funding for my lab out of the walkathon proceeds, and it is also an event where we get to go out in the community and we really get to see the people we are trying to help."

Volunteer Erika Kunz says she is helping with the walkathon because "people need to know it's prevalent in any age group and every age group, not just certain age groups that you see in the stats. So it's close to my heart and it's close to people that I care about."