Catherine Stypa is only 15 years-old but she can already fly an airplane and she's looking forward to being certified as a solo pilot once she's sixteen.

Stypa is taking flying lessons at Tucson's Double Eagle Aviation, where the company is starting "Aero Camp Tucson" this summer. The goal is to teach other young people - from 6th to 12th grades- about flying airplanes and instrument ratings.

Stypa also stays busy by playing the piano and being on a swim team, but she says learning take-offs and landings is a fantastic wish come true.

"I think it's definitely something different," Stypa says in an Arizona Illustrated interview. "I think it's definitely different but it's super, it's really fun and it's awesome. I think it's a really cool thing to be doing and I love it."

Sam Ragland is a pilot and instructor for Double Eagle. He says it takes a minimum of 40 hours for students to get certified, although the average is usually from 55 to 60 hours.

By learning how to fly, Ragland says, young and older students can put a lot of science and math into practical use while acquiring a valuable skill for the future.