The University of Arizona's Engineering Design Day, showcasing student "capstone" project work, will be Tuesday on campus.

Design Day allows engineering seniors to compete for cash prizes and perhaps catch the eye of prospective employers. Local businesses that partner with the university's engineering colleges are invited to send representatives.

"Some of these projects incidentally become real-life products, and that's why many companies continue sponsoring these versions," says Ara Arabyan, coordinator of the senior capstone design program.

Design Day will begin at 10 a.m. at Bear Down Gymnasium. There, visitors can see the projects such as Team Samurai's unmanned ground vehicle, a design that has been sponsored for the past four years, each year adding a new component.

"This year the big change, what we have been trying to add on to it is in-door navigation," says electrical engineering senior and team leader Roger Anderson. "Last year, it relied heavily on GPS, which you don't really have in-doors, and an in-door environment is much different than an out-door environment."

For Anderson and other engineering students, the day marks the culmination of working with their teams and gaining real-world experience with design.