The Tucson Pima Arts Council annually awards "Lumies" to recognize individuals or organizations who support or contribute to the arts in Southern Arizona. And one of this year's winners is a familiar name to many local residents.

George Hanson, the music director and conductor of the Tucson Symphony Orchestra, has been honored in the "Artist Lifetime Achievement" category.

Hanson joined the orchestra in 1996 and has enjoyed the longest tenure of any music director in the organization's history.

However, for more than 35 years, he has also worked with other organizations or programs in the U.S. and Europe. While he used to split much of his time between Tucson and Germany, he is spending more time in the Old Pueblo now, where TPAC says he is a great addition to the arts scene.

"It's a great honor and I'm very pleased to be recognized," Hanson says. "But I of course have to share that recognition with the wonderful musicians with whom I share the stage, first of all, and the wonderful group of staff and supporters of the orchestra."

The orchestra's new season is scheduled to begin the first weekend of October.